What is CBD? Can we buy it legally in France? And in Europe?

Definition of CBD according to Larousse:

  • “Active substance present in cannabis, without psychotropic effect (unlike THC), which would have relaxing properties. In France, the marketing of CBD-based products (vaping liquid, candies, etc.) follows very strict regulations. ”

Products containing CBD are regulated because they are made from ingredients derived from hemp. Hemp, from which CBD is extracted, has been subject to exclusive regulation for many years. Following the classification of cannabis as a narcotic, and to allow the cultivation of hemp, which is very interesting for the textile industry but also in the construction sector, French law provides for an exception for certain varieties.

It is therefore possible to grow hemp in France if and only if the variety produced is authorized and contains less than 0,2% THC!

It is also possible to buy them completely legally in France and throughout Europe. All our products are below the maximum THC threshold not to be exceeded (0,20%). Our products are analyzed in our analysis laboratory and do not exceed 0.18% THC (THCA * 0.88 + THC) in order to offer fully regulatory products to our customers.