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Understanding the French enthusiasm for CBD

A growing market

For a long time the CBD has been banned on French territory, but in recent years there has been an explosion of CBD stores and a growing enthusiasm of the French around this one.

Indeed, under certain conditions, it is now possible to open a shop in France entirely dedicated to CBD. According to French law, CBD cannot be extracted from hemp flower or associated with THC.

First and foremost, it cannot be marketed as a pharmaceutical. So, everywhere in France, you can find stores selling CBD in various forms. Likewise, the 0,3% CBD tolerance of the French strain leaves more room for local producers. The consumption of CBD has increased considerably due to its increased availability in France. You don't have to travel miles to find it. Indeed, there are more and more shops everywhere in France. Plus, we have the potential to deliver CBD anywhere. So, to get your CBD, all you have to do is go to our online store, select and place your order. Whether in France or abroad, we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Why is CBD becoming so popular?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a substance derived from cannabis.

It has long been considered a narcotic because it contains THC. However, unlike the latter, it has no psychoactive effects and is in fact a molecule with therapeutic virtues. Several studies have already confirmed the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment. Its rapid growth is supported by laws related to its consumption. The CBD market offers more than 800 product variants to satisfy everyone's cravings. In France alone, more than 6% of the population consumes CBD-based products, compared to 16% in Europe, which explains the enthusiasm of the French around CBD.

The expansion of e-commerce

The digitization of the world has favored the development of many online services and in particular favored the enthusiasm of the French around the CBD. As a result, CBD stores are still open and offer a wide range of products containing CBD. According to statistics, the French territory already has around 400 CBD shops.

Needless to say, this number will certainly increase again this year. Online retailers and dropshippers are using some very cool tricks to attract more and more loyal customers.
However, to become a CBD seller, you must first complete the administrative procedures. Also, you need to follow some basic rules. Therefore, before purchasing a cannabidiol product, you should ensure that your supplier meets all of these requirements.

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