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The Czech Republic calls for the legalization of cannabis in Europe

European drug coordinators met last week in Prague. On this occasion, the Czech representative called for a “collective effort” of the 27 to regulate the medical cannabis market ( CBD) to be creative. The Czech Republic calls for the legalization of cannabis in Europe

“We hope it will be a concerted effort [to regulate the cannabis market]. It is impossible not to talk about it at European Union level. Prohibition did not prove sufficiently effective; we have to look for other models of control. A controlled market may be the only possible solution,” said Jindřich Vobořil, Czech National Drug Enforcement Coordinator.

He also said he wanted to strictly regulate the Czech cannabis market. Although recreational marijuana is not permitted in the Czech Republic, possession and home cultivation has been abolished since 2010, but still carries civil penalties when used in public.

The legalization plan in the Czech Republic

Vobořil is currently preparing a plan to legalize cannabis in the Czech Republic, which he plans to submit later this year. “I'm glad we're not alone in the EU,” Vobořil said.

In particular, he mentioned projects from Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands that are currently engaged in cannabis legislation. On the other hand, some states, such as France and Sweden, are against any regulation. Drug policy experts joined the event in Prague. According to Michel Kazatchkine, of the World Commission on Drug Policy, the EU should remove cannabis from the list of prohibited substances the Czech Republic calls for the legalization of cannabis in Europe

“We have been trying to do this for over ten years. There are many legal complications. But I believe there will be a change of understanding in Europe and the world, and a regulated cannabis market will be formed,” Kazatchkine was quoted as saying by the Czech News Agency. He added that thanks to the Czech EU Presidency, the regulated market debate is also reaching a “political level. »

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