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Resin CBD hash filtered 80% CBD

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Filtered resin hash CBD 80%
Our Hemp Hash is made from the highest quality hemp.

80% CBD Filtered CBD Resin

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Resin CBD hash filtered 80% CBD

Buy the resin CBD 80% CBD filtered hash at CBDevor your wholesaler. A mix of authenticity, reliability and power The purchase the community CBD resin filtered hash 80% car all boxes: ton and appearance premium, slightly crumbly, slightly textured oily, strong natural flavor. The powerful effect of this CBD resin complements the exceptional qualities why hash Filtered CBD. You can buy ce hash CBD in quantities of 2 or 5 grams. This hemp resin at 80% of CBD promises effective relaxation through its extremely high dose of CBD.

CBD filtered composition

Without terpenes added for a natural, strong flavor et pure. the CBD hash fully legal filtered does not exceed the rate Pigmentation authorized from 0,3% of THC. Perfect for relaxing, this resin of hash CBD from high quality is easy and fun to use thanks to its crumbly texture. Un compatible vaporizer CBD can be used in infusion or in une Ingredients culinary.

Texture and effects 

The Filtered 80% is very appreciated for his power and its abundance of cannabinoids. Enjoy an mixed full-spectrum filtered extracts containing pollen and less than 0,3% of THC for effects powerful. The Filtered has a texture compact and crumble très easyment.

How to consume it:
We advise you to consume it as an infusion. It is important to add a fatty substance to the water, such as milk, butter,
coconut oil, ...
Indeed, the CBD is fat-soluble, i.e. it mixes with lipids and not with water. The more lipids there are, the more cannabinoids present in the solid will be extracted.

Once the water has brought to the boil, add a fatty substance (milk, butter, cream, coconut oil) and let your tea ball infuse for 5 to 10 minutes, sprinkled with balls of this solid. All you have to do is taste your drink!

How to store it:
In a cool, dry and dark place, ideally under vacuum 2 months after opening.

Regulations :
CBD is made from hemp. Products containing it are regulated. Our CBD products, whatever their types, comply with French and European regulations. All of our products contain less than 0.2% THC. Before marketing, a sample of each batch goes to an independent analysis laboratory in order to check the various levels of CBD, CBG and THC present in the finished product.
If you want more details on the analyzes, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Further information :
As a reminder, Cannabidiol has no psychotropic effect and is not a narcotic.
CBDevor does not make any therapeutic claims regarding these products. CBD is not a medicine and can in no way replace medical treatment.

CBD resins: gluten-free and vegan

Further information

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2G, 5G, 10G, 25G, 50G, 100G, 500G

7 reviews for Resin CBD hash filtered 80% CBD

  1. Youns (Customer confirmed) -

    Very powerful for those who like the taste of weed, on the other hand, do not expect drytech or anything, it is very hard but crumbles easily

  2. moah666 (Customer confirmed) -

    Admittedly very powerful in taste and effect, but I find the piece really very very hard, not easy to crumble, so depending on the temperature humidity tt that I may have been unlucky

  3. Thierry Fourmaux (Customer confirmed) -

    Hash of excellent quality, the taste is that of oil, a real wonder! Bravo for this beautiful work, it is the best I have tasted so far and by far!
    Regarding delivery, order placed Monday 13:30 p.m., received the next day 13:00 p.m. In short, the 5 stars are well deserved… I could tell you about the price, but you understood me, it's just hot…
    Eyes closed, you can order 😉

  4. blalatef77 (Customer confirmed) -

    Number 1 by far! Just different because does not crumble normally. Either to crush or grate but phenomenal taste and monstrous effect

  5. javijmrmozosruiz (Customer confirmed) -

    A mesmerizing smell that brings you into a world of calmness! In addition, the order arrives in 4 working days to Spain. Couldn’t be happier 🙂

  6. Inmaculada Garcia Rodriguez (Customer confirmed) -

    Llevo años en la industria del CBD! Sin duda el mejor hash de Cbd que he probado hasta la fecha. Cierto que no se rompe con facilidad pero quemándolo es puro aceite muy fácil de mezclar!
    Sin duda mi favorito y del cual me hecho FAN!

  7. Francois.F -

    Seriously it is big good, Legood taste of the oil on the other hand it is super strong and effect very present for those who want good strong these that without hesitation Serte it is very hard but do not panic you heat the piece a little just you pass the flame on it and then you spread it on the sheet a madness.CBD evor continue like this.great job

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