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Hash Beldia CBD beldy 70%

(12 Customer reviews)

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Hash Beldia 70% cannabinoids (50% CBD / 10% CBN / 10% CBG)

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Hash Beldia CBD beldy 50% CBD

Hash Beldia 70% cannabinoids (50% CBD / 10% CBN / 10% CBG)

Le CBD hash Beldia is a rare variety from the Moroccan Rif mountains. From a traditional hash plant, this CBD pollen has short and mild effects.
hashish Beldia CBD beldy is perfect for gently stimulating the senses, it is a relaxing pollen It is also appreciated for its honeyed taste and spicy notes!
La Beldia has a wide variety of cannabis strains, including one called 'La Beldia' which has been given a high THC content. Beldia has a sweet smell and a light, fruity taste.

From the point of view of the effects with the Hash Beldia CBD beldy, one can count on lucidity, a higher level of happiness and better concentration. Ideal if you want to shoot for a few hours.

Beldia is a small town located in the desert of Morocco. With a population of only 13, it is still one of the most visited places in Morocco. In fact, the city has become a tourist destination and earned the nickname of "the world's leading hashish producer for 000 years". Beldia is best known for its whitewashed houses and blue tile roofs.

Hash Beldia CBD beldy is another type of hashish. It is a species of Moroccan hashish considered to be the purest and most potent form of cannabis. The best way to describe Beldia is that it is a concentrated resin, which means it contains very little moisture. This makes Beldia one of the strongest hash strains on the market. Beldia has been said to have a strong, clear aroma and a flavor that is more reminiscent of hash than marijuana.

Beldia pollen is a rare variety from the Moroccan Rif mountains. From a traditional hash plant, this CBD pollen has short and mild effects.
Beldia is perfect for gently stimulating the senses. It is a relaxing pollen. It is also appreciated for its honeyed taste and spicy notes!

How to consume it:
We advise you to consume it as an infusion. It is important to add a fatty substance to the water, such as milk, butter,
coconut oil, ...
Indeed, the CBD is fat-soluble, i.e. it mixes with lipids and not with water. The more lipids there are, the more cannabinoids present in the solid will be extracted.

Once the water has brought to the boil, add a fatty substance (milk, butter, cream, coconut oil) and let your tea ball infuse for 5 to 10 minutes, sprinkled with balls of this solid. All you have to do is taste your drink!

How to store it:
In a cool, dry and dark place, ideally under vacuum 2 months after opening.

Regulations :
CBD is made from hemp. Products containing it are regulated. Our CBD products, whatever their types, comply with French and European regulations. All of our products contain less than 0.2% THC. Before marketing, a sample of each batch goes to an independent analysis laboratory in order to check the various levels of CBD, CBG and THC present in the finished product.
If you want more details on the analyzes, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Further information :
As a reminder, Cannabidiol has no psychotropic effect and is not a narcotic.
CBDevor does not make any therapeutic claims regarding these products. CBD is not a medicine and can in no way replace medical treatment.

CBD resins: gluten-free and vegan

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12 reviews for Hash Beldia CBD beldy 70%

  1. Sébastien Dejean (Customer confirmed) -

    Beldy cbd hash super strong very good a good drying to do before smoking it

  2. jonathan.celdran (Customer confirmed) -

    wow! I give 5 stars straight away. I received it today and I tasted it, it's super good! The best cbd I have tried. On the other hand, he is crazy fat. Thank you cbdevor 😁💪

  3. parimo16 (Customer confirmed) -

    Yes it's Bomba to handle with care and to taste slowly... top quality
    Waiting for decreasing prices to recommend

  4. parimo16 (Customer confirmed) -

    Yes, Beldia is Bomba! Handle with care and enjoy slowly… top quality
    Waiting for decreasing prices to recommend

  5. cedricdamiens23 (Customer confirmed) -

    I leave a review for my order of 2g of Beldia. So first of all I ordered on October 14, 2022 and I received my order very quickly, that is to say on October 15, 2022. If not to talk about this Beldia hash, in aspects it has pollen and fat. Then he smells good. After taste level it has a strong taste!!! Do not overdose because the taste is strong. Otherwise question effects, good relaxation !!! I really appreciate this hash!!!! Thanks again to CBDevor!!!

  6. User (Customer confirmed) -

    Dsl it's a bit long but very clear.
    Slt then for my part this beldi (25g),
    I took it on 9/9/22 I've smoked 2 good on it in 1 month and it's still so full of oil despite regular drying.
    Texture level after a month still soft more than the ice o lator I find.
    Very light taste level by putting enough with 1 and a half cigarettes.
    Effect level nothing to do with static or ice [..] for example cst day and night…
    The static and the ice o lator are really better for me, they both weigh down the eyes and rest the brain,
    after that it is a question of palate….
    Ps: I quit THC after 10 years of smoking cbd, it's a good placebo.

  7. javijmrmozosruiz (Customer confirmed) -

    A really relaxing hash! Deeply impressed by its flavor and effects. You gotta be careful when it comes to rolling because it sticks a little bit and the chance of wasting a bit is real. A really good product, absolutely recommended it

  8. Sanchez (Customer confirmed) -

    La verdad que no pensaba que tuviese ese auténtico olor y sabor pero es más que bueno, lo recomiendo plenamente saludos desde España.

  9. Kevin ENGRAND (Customer confirmed) -

    Good reception of the product, tasted directly and not disappointed at all. Pleasant texture, taste and effect. However, it should not be overloaded, the taste is intense.
    Good choice with no regrets.

  10. Anthony Caldaroni (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taga, very fat, perfect effect. Received today, very fast delivery.

  11. Vidal -

    Really a strong strike in the mouth a brave success

  12. Vidal -

    Really a strong strike in the mouth a success bravo

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