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Hash Anonymous CBN

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CBD – 100% natural

THC rate: 0,24%

CBD rate: 14,81

CBG rate: 3,12

CBN rate: 19,43

Hash Anonymous CBN 

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Hash Anonymous CBN

Hash Anonymous CBN

Anonymous CBN is a premium resin, offering a one-of-a-kind drinking experience. This resin is obtained from carefully selected flowers, rich in CBN. With a CBN content of 19,43%, this resin is particularly appreciated for its relaxing and soothing effects, ideal for consumers looking to unwind after a long day of work or before sleeping.

Thanks to its high CBN content, Anonymous CBN offers a different consumer experience from other products. Indeed, CBN is renowned for its potential to help relieve anxiety and stress. The resin also offers unique aromas and flavors.

The quality of this resin is also unmatched. The resin is then obtained through a state-of-the-art extraction method, guaranteeing the preservation of the cannabinoids.

In short, if you are looking for a high quality resin for moments of relaxation and relaxation, the Anonymous CBN is the product for you. Its CBN content makes it an ideal choice for those looking to unwind before bed or relieve the tension of the day.

How to consume it:
We advise you to consume it as an infusion. It is important to add a fatty substance to the water, such as milk, butter,
coconut oil, ...
Indeed, the CBD is fat-soluble, i.e. it mixes with lipids and not with water. The more lipids there are, the more cannabinoids present in the solid will be extracted.

Once the water has brought to the boil, add a fatty substance (milk, butter, cream, coconut oil) and let your tea ball infuse for 5 to 10 minutes, sprinkled with balls of this solid. All you have to do is taste your drink!

How to store it:
In a cool, dry and dark place, ideally under vacuum 2 months after opening.

Regulations :
CBD is made from hemp. Products containing it are regulated. Our CBD products, whatever their types, comply with French and European regulations. All of our products contain less than 0.2% THC. Before marketing, a sample of each batch goes to an independent analysis laboratory in order to check the various levels of CBD, CBG and THC present in the finished product.
If you want more details on the analyzes, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Further information :
As a reminder, Cannabidiol has no psychotropic effect and is not a narcotic.
CBDevor does not make any therapeutic claims regarding these products. CBD is not a medicine and can in no way replace medical treatment.

CBD resins: gluten-free and vegan

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2 reviews for Hash Anonymous CBN

  1. DENIS -

    You can send me a sample to taste at my address 20 rue Paul Cambon in paray le monial 71600

  2. Loris (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good Hash, great effect

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