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Crumble Broad Spectrum 0% THC CBD shop

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Aspect: compact and granular crystals.

Smell and taste: intense and very fragrant / fruity and woody.


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  • A hundred cannabinoids: mostly CBD, but also small amounts of CBN, CBG, CBC
  • Terpenes: responsible for the taste and flavor of hemp
  • Flavonoids: phytonutrients.

    CBD distillate is a concentrate of active cannabis substances. It contains all the molecules synthesized in hemp flowers, with the exception of THC.

  • Broad Spectrum: Also contains small amounts of CBC, CBG and CBC as well as terpenes. Does not contain THC
  • Elaboration: extraction by CO2 in a supercritical state
  • Free from products that are harmful or potentially dangerous to health.
  • All ingredients are of natural origin, extracted from plants that we grow in our greenhouses.

Our distillates are obtained from the fats extracted from our CBD plants which are produced by us, from flowers from our organic plantations.

We thus obtain a pure distillate with a broad spectrum, and very concentrated in CBD.

To extract the biological material from the trichomes, we use CO2 in a supercritical state. Thus, no potentially dangerous solvent (for the consumer and for the planet) is used. Then, several purification processes are necessary to remove the impurities while retaining the precious terpenes.

In total, we carry out three successive distillations to increase the level of CBD and decrease that of THC. We thus obtain a pure distillate with a broad spectrum, and very concentrated in CBD.

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