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CBD COCO oil – [5% to 30% CBD] – Low spectrum – CHOCO-HAZELNUT TASTE


CBDEVOR presents its CBD Coconut Oil from high quality made in France.

Amateurs and novices, take advantage of this hazelnut chocolate flavored coconut oil

We offer you our oil with different levels of CBD.

How much should I use? 3 to 4 drops are recommended.

Quantity contained in the vials: 10 ml, i.e. 200 drops

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CBD COCO oil – [5% to 30% CBD] – Low spectrum – CHOCO-HAZELNUT TASTE

Opt for a high-quality CBD oil for sleep with chocolate and hazelnut

CBDEVOR presents its coconut oil flavored with chocolate and hazelnut. We offer you an oil of high quality with varying levels of CBD.
Our oil will satisfy all regular consumers as well as novices, who will find their favorite flavor in coconut oil for a pure moment of relaxation, with its delicious chocolate-hazelnut taste.

Our oil is produced in France will bring nature and cbd to your home thanks to raw materials from high quality, the CBD comes from our crops in France without pesticides or GMOs . Since coconut oil is neutral, the oil is cbd or hemp flavor free. It is low-spectrum, that is to say that it does not contain any cannabinoids other than CBD.

The characteristics of our oil

We offer you our chocolate-hazelnut oil with different levels of cannabidiol: 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, 30%.
The bottle equipped with a tip with pipette, practical for precisely dosing the quantity of oil.
The 10 ml capacity is equivalent to approximately 200 drops.

This is a high quality product without THC. It therefore does not lead to dependence or psychoactive effects.

CBD effects and use 

The bottle should be stored in a dry place, protected from heat. Consume within one year of opening the bottle to preserve the flavors and effects of cannabidiol.

Our CBD oils do not replace medical treatments. Ask your doctor for advice.

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5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, 30%


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