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Filtered Bubbleazor x4 – 50% CBD Resins

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Filtered Bubbleazor x4 – 50% CBD – CBDdevor CBD Resins

CBD rate: 50%
CBG rate: 0.5%
THC level: 0.26%
Pollen culture: Indoor
Texture: Soft / Creamy (smooth texture)
Flavors / odors: 🧁(I.e.

Extracted from a Fedora 19 variety with Gorilla Glue phenotype and terpene profile. (Flower we sold under the trade name Bruce Banner)

Climb aboard our Mercedes Gazelle for a roadtrip in the Moroccan mountains! This 100% French hash is a TECHNOLOGICAL push, indeed its artisanal and French manufacturing method is at the cutting edge of technology: Extraction in an ice cube tray boosted by liquid nitrogen at -196° to detach all the trichomes. (Bubbleazor (Bubbleator+Nitrogen))
Tested and over-appreciated by all our testers, you will be delighted to discover this hash of exceptional quality.

How to consume it:

We advise you to consume it as an infusion. It is important to add a fatty substance to the water, such as milk, butter,
coconut oil, ...
This is because CBD is fat soluble, meaning that it mixes with lipids and not with water. The more lipids there are, the more cannabinoids present in the solid will be extracted.

Preparation of Filtered Bubbleazor:

Once the water has brought to the boil, add a fatty substance (milk, butter, cream, coconut oil) and let your tea ball infuse for 5 to 10 minutes, sprinkled with balls of this solid. All you have to do is taste your drink!

How to store it:

In a cool, dry and dark place, ideally under vacuum 2 months after opening.

Regulations :

CBD is made from hemp. Products containing it are regulated. Our CBD products, whatever their types, comply with French and European regulations. All of our products contain less than 0.2% THC. Before marketing, a sample of each batch goes to an independent analysis laboratory in order to check the various levels of CBD, CBG and THC present in the finished product.
If you want more details on the analyzes, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Further information :

As a reminder, Cannabidiol has no psychotropic effect and is not a narcotic.
CBDevor does not make any therapeutic claims regarding these products. CBD is not a medicine and can in no way replace medical treatment.

Flowers: gluten-free and vegan

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2G, 5G, 10G, 25G, 50G, 100G, 500G

10 reviews for Filtered Bubbleazor x4 – 50% CBD Resins

  1. alandebrecky (Customer confirmed) -

    The best product!!
    An insane taste as good as a hash bought on the parallel market, if you are a resin lover go for it, the best I have ever tasted!

  2. A buyer (Customer confirmed) -

    The best product!!
    An insane taste, as good as hash bought on the parallel market!
    If you are a resin lover, go for it, the best CBD resin I have tasted!
    Now, as long as there is stock, I'll only take this one!👌

  3. Cedric.D (Customer confirmed) -

    So a little opinion on this Bubbleazor, I'm trying to taste it there. So this hash looks and feels different from Reptilian Skunk and Red Libanese, this hash is clear and polleny. Otherwise, in terms of taste, I find it a little lighter than the others I ordered. But it really goes cream !!! Thank you once again to the entire CBDevor team!!!;

  4. parimo16 (Customer confirmed) -

    Pure product: already the smell after opening, then magnificent crumbling one feels the quality under the fingers just nickel, then a generous slow tasting seen how it tears off, well good evening the little ones...
    Go for it!!!!

  5. Moi (Customer confirmed) -

    Hey guys jspr how are you
    So this Tamien is good, good smell, good creamy texture.
    I don't know if it's the fact that for me but personally it makes me cough at each bar
    Yet I ride in Spanish and without tights
    But sinn he is good 😉

  6. kecss142 (Customer confirmed) -

    quality resin my a bit strong in cbd my the top level tastes very good quality texture smells even better than the top thc resins

  7. Psycho -

    I had the chance to test the product (sample offered by a friend). I was pleasantly surprised! Lighter in taste than other resins on the site, good effect... Nothing to complain about, you can close your eyes and it will surely be part of one of my next orders!

  8. mugiwara (Customer confirmed) -

    validated but it stings the throat a little.

  9. Jojo (Customer confirmed) -

    I have good memories of trying it a few months ago, frankly not badly, it bubbles and spits out oil. Impressive .

    As many smokers know, the psychological aspect really affects our consumption. especially for dependent people, and when you have nothing you want it even more. I left a few grams on a shelf and strangely I weaned myself (from thc) maos super easily and I drastically reduced my consumption limit I wonder how I did! Like 15 a day of thc, I went to 3/4 of cbd I think the x4 helped me a lot in hindsight

    You smoke one and you don't have this lack behind that settles down due to the downhill surely

    I don't really know how to explain jesper to have been understood and that it will be able to help those who want to put an end to thc which is screwing up your day and getting you out of bed to go "pecho" on holiday since February I've taken back about a Normal life after 15 years in the most total fog recovering your motivational energy and getting out of the DP it really feels good

    THANK YOU cbdevor you are a serious company however we would like a store! Because every time I can't wait to receive my order i lol

  10. Moya -

    Muy buen producto. An incredible sword. Volveré a comprar sin ninguna duda.

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