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What is CBD Pollen?

CBD pollen is obtained from CBD flowers grown in hemp fields. In any plantation, the hemp shrub can be used for many purposes. The glands at resin actually produce this substance and extract its medicinal properties. It is rich in terpenes and active ingredients, and its benefits are multiple. Without THC, the hash CBD and pollen have no effect psychoactive. You will not become so to addict with this type of product. Therefore, it is much more interesting than the medications ordinary psychotropics with many side effects. They strengthen the immune system and act as powerful antioxidants.

How to consume it?

CBD pollen is used in the form of an infusion. It is strongly discouraged to smoke it so to reap all the benefits, you will have to take the time to make a herbal tea. It can indeed be crumbled and consumed added to mint or verbena herbal teas. To give a new aroma to a black tea, this relaxing product can be added and tasted. Organic infusions can be supplemented with this relaxing product. You can freely choose the infusion time of this CBD product since it has no psychoactive properties. The dosage is also up to you depending on the actions you expect from this product. Teas and herbal teas can be enhanced according to your needs. With its citrus flavor, this product can be added to desserts or salads. Gourmets will find many ideas for consuming this CBD resin and reaping the benefits.

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