Hemp has always been grown outdoors. This mode of cultivation is the most ancient and natural of all. CBD plants take in sunlight which is much stronger and brighter than any lamp and are airy due to the presence of the wind. Plants have natural nutrients provided by the soil and watering is done by rainwater. The plants can therefore grow as they please, without having to do much.

Outdoor cultivation is also more ecological than indoor cultivation, which requires a lot of electricity and water for the latter, while mother nature provides outdoor cultivation with everything the plant needs.

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Why grown CBD flowers outdoors

By growing outdoors the yield is much higher than for other types of crops but the growth time is longer, with one harvest per year. This culture turns out to be the least expensive, because it requires less manpower, less material (greenhouses, lamps, atmospheric controllers, etc.), fewer nutrients brought by Man. It is therefore less expensive to buy for both the distributor and the consumer.

What are the disadvantages of growing CBD flowers outdoors?

However, there are still some disadvantages in practicing this mode of culture. Weather-related risks that are not controllable, such as storms, heavy rains or drought. The quality of CBD flowers produced outdoors is of average quality. Leaves remain present on the buds but the flowers have more pronounced aromas, the flavors are raw, a taste of the terroir. This type of culture is very suitable for industrial hemp.