Manufacturing methods: For the manufacture of our hash, we always use the best flowers on the market, grown indoors in the majority of cases.

Dry Hash: The method of making our Dry Hash is to extract all of the trichome from our flowers in order to serve you the most concentrated hash you can taste. For example, we offer you Dry with several filtering, thanks to different laboratory sieves. We offer 2 types of “Dry Hash” filtered in a different way. The tighter the mesh of the sieve, the better the quality of the product. It's like we could say “the cream of the crop”.

Hash Ice Bubbleator: Our olives are created using the Ice Bubbleator extraction method, we pour water into a tank covered by several bags until there is a good amount left in the last bag (approximately a third of water, a third of ice and a third of vegetable matter). Then we mix everything with a large spatula, so that the trichome comes off the flower and falls downwards, passing through the different sieves. This gives us a very fat and black hash.