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How to tell CBD from CBN from CBG


Differentiating CBD from CBN to CBG: the main cannabinoids

Differentiating CBD from CBN to CBG –

CBD, CBN, CBG are chemical molecules belonging to the cannabinoid family, which have the particularity of activating the CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the human nervous system.

The CBD is with THC, one of the two best known molecules of the cannabinoid family. Non-psychotropic unlike THC, it has been discovered to have several therapeutic virtues, in particular it would reduce the side effects of THC.

Other effects of CBD: 

– Relaxing

– Analgesic

– Antioxidant

– Anti-inflammatory

– Anti-insomnia

– Anxiolytic

Le CBN is a cannabinoid obtained by the oxidation of THC. Cannabinol is obtained by exposing the plant to sunlight and air.

Weakly psychoactive, CBN is less powerful than THC and risks of dizziness exist when the CBN concentration is too high.

CBN would also have therapeutic virtues:

– Anti-inflammatory

– Antiepileptic

– Reduction of anxiety


Present in small quantities, around 1%, it is less known than its colleagues but is no less effective.

After harvest, heat and light transform the acidic cannabinoids into a non-acidic version to become THC, CBD or CBC.

Studies on the CBG molecule are still in their infancy, Cannabigerol is non-psychoactive and we would already lend it several therapeutic virtues such as:

– Antidepressant

– Antibacterials

– Painkillers

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