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Who are we ?

We are a hemp-based product sales company. Our primary goal is to eliminate the middleman between the producer and the buyer. We work directly with Italian agricultural cooperatives. We provide farmers with a higher-than-average price per kilogram by purchasing all their produce in advance.
We are therefore able to offer extremely low prices for customers given that the number of intermediaries is reduced by at least 3x.
No more prices at € 7-10 / gram, we have exceptional quality for € 1 / gram so why look any further?

All of our products without exceptions are of incredible quality, the price does not mean anything about the quality of the product.
We control and analyze all our lots in order to be sure of their quality and legality.

Our company, our storage warehouses as well as our head office are based in France. We respect the legislation and the cannabinoid rates imposed by French law.

In addition, we are the owner of an analysis laboratory, absolutely all of our sold lots are analyzed at least 5 times and the THC rate will always be less than 0.18%.

The majority of our flowers come from France and Italy.

We buy them directly from farmers, we do not work with other “CBD” companies

The total time to receive your order takes into account two variants: the preparation / shipping time and the delivery time.

Preparation and shipping time is approximately 48 working hours.

The delivery time depends on the selected delivery method. By relay point, delivery takes on average 2 working days, by Colissimo 2 working days and by Chronopost delivery is scheduled the day after the day of dispatch before 13 p.m. (except weekends).

Yes we offer sales to professionals.