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Green MP Julien Bayou tabled an amendment to legalize cannabis.

In addition to expanding medical cannabis testing, a committee-approved amendment allowed Congress to legalize cannabis.

An amendment tabled by Green MP Julien Bayeux proposes to introduce an excise tax on cannabis and its products, such as tobacco.

“#Cannabis France has one of the highest addiction rates among minors in Europe, it must be legalized to better prevent and reduce the risks. And with 4 to 5 billion € in tax receipts if we follow the figures for Colorado, enough to bail out social security! #DirectAN »

The ecologist also highlights the fact that this will "bail out social security".

The taxes collected would be allocated “to the “sickness, maternity, disability and death” branch of the general scheme and [would] thus create an additional resource for the benefit of the basic compulsory social security schemes”.

If the text is insufficient to regulate the production and sale of cannabis, then it “technically” legalizes cannabis. He then orders the government to create a regulatory framework.

The amendment is signed by the members of the EELV group in the National Assembly.

As already pointed out, the Social Affairs Commission declared intolerable an amendment by the same group which proposed to legalize cannabis under Article 40 of the Constitution. It prohibits the collection or increase of public fees and only authorizes the reduction of public fees. Insofar as they are compensated by another increase in resources.

Could this new change pass? It could be interesting beyond the ranks of the EELV, but the use of "49.3" could escape the scrutiny of the Parisian, who watered the amendment of Julien Bayeux first venue.

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