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The effects of CBD on toothache

The effects of CBD on toothache are: antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic. In addition to decreasing pain, it will help your body fight the growth of bacteria.

CBD against dental infections

When the organism is confronted with a bacteriological, viral or traumatic attack, it reacts with an immune response which manifests itself in the form of inflammation. The cannabinoid receptors of the human body can then be positively affected by taking CBD, which will reduce the inflammation.The same applies to the submandibular glands, present in the mandibles and maxillae, which have receptors endocannabinoids.

How to use CBD against toothache?

the effects of CBD on toothache, CBD can be applied directly to the tooth or to the gum. It is a method that has the advantage of being safe, but also of being effective and allowing the CBD to relieve pain quickly. Several CBD products can be used. By oil, apply the product directly to the affected area. You can use your finger to spread the product. If the area is too sensitive to touch, you can use herbal tea. CBD to make a mouthwash. 

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