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CBD in sports

CBD for sports professionals and amateurs

As more and more athletes, professional and non-professional, turn to CBD to improve their performance, avoiding classic molecules (ibuprofen, NSAIDs, etc.) can help you recover more easily from exertion. CBD promotes rest, relaxation and recovery after exercise. CBD, in all its forms, quickly became part of the diet of professionals practicing very physical sports, especially endurance sports (MMA, cycling, athletics, etc.).

Since January 1, 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has decided to remove cannabidiol from its list of doping substances. Read more However, as THC remains prohibited, special attention must be paid to the THC content of CBD products to avoid risks during doping control. The World Anti-Doping Agency recently increased the allowable threshold for THC per milliliter of urine. This limit was set at 15 nanograms per milliliter and is now 150 nanograms. This is one way athletes can take advantage of cannabidiol products with entourage effects and therefore trace amounts of THC.

endocannabinoid CBD 

Le CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system and activates the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors have direct effects on the central nervous system. CB2 receptors, among others, help reduce inflammation. learn more. By acting globally on the internal balance system (homeostasis), the CBD affects stress levels, sleep, appetite and other functions essential for athletic recovery, muscle relaxation and inflammation reduction.

 It does not present side effects comparable to other muscle relaxants in conventional medicine (stomach pain, drowsiness). Some great athletes in the USA do not hesitate to opt for more radical solutions, such as the use of opioids, in order to fight against pain and inflammation. These opioids, if they are relatively effective in the short term, remain extremely dangerous for health and present risks of overdose and addiction.

CBD also has proven muscle relaxant effects, i.e. it promotes muscle relaxation and thus prevents cramps and aches due to exertion. Professionals are often called upon to over-stress a particular muscle depending on the sport, Nadal's left arm, Ronaldo's right foot... CBD is an ally because it promotes muscle relaxation and will allow the athlete to prevent and relieve these chronic demands.
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Whether you're an elite athlete, weekend cyclist, or somewhere in between, CBD is your ally of choice when it comes to body recovery, inflammation management, and muscle relaxation. a better understanding of the benefits of using CBD in sports, which is increasingly being seen in the world of professional sports. Incorporate CBD into your athletic life and let us know what works for you.

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