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CBD in Canada

CBD should be "safe and tolerable" for healthy adults and available without a prescription, a Health Canada advisory committee recommended Thursday.

The recommendation comes three years after Health Canada first appointed a team of experts to determine if CBD can be sold in mainstream stores, not just adult or prescription cannabis stores. Experts conclude that CBD is "safe and well tolerated for short-term use (up to 30 days) at 20 milligrams daily to 200 milligrams."

The panel noted that “Canadians want access to health products containing cannabis without the supervision of a practitioner (such as a doctor or nurse practitioner),” but also demanded that the basics of CBD carry warning labels.

"If a person takes a maximum daily dose of 200 mg, the maximum amount of THC absorbed into the bloodstream and reaching the brain may be too low to cause significant psychoactive effects in most people," they said.

The proposal could open up a huge new market for CBD. Today, licensed Canadian growers are heavily focused on producing THC strains for historical consumers, but not for those who prefer more balanced, less functional strains or the whole variety of “healthy” CBD products.


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