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Nicotine from cigarettes is the main addictive element. Indeed, it acts directly on the central nervous system, causing both physical and psychological dependence. Most users who try to quit smoking report experiencing symptoms such as:

  • a feeling of lack
  • a lack of focus
  • headaches
  • anxiety

CBD against nicotine addiction. In 2018 they carried out a study on a population of rats accustomed to consuming addictive substances. The researchers injected these rodents with CBD and then observed their response. The results showed a significant reduction in anxiety, but also a significant reduction in withdrawal-induced aggression. In addition, the researchers confirmed that the consumption of this molecule did not cause any adverse effects in mice.


Over the years, smokers develop a certain addiction to gestures, ie holding the cigarette between the fingers and bringing it to the mouth. This gesture, which has become automatic, is quite difficult to stop. Indeed, when the smoker is prevented from doing so, he will feel a certain uneasiness accompanied by strong anxiety. This may encourage him to start smoking again. To treat this harmful habit, CBD claims to be the best solution against nicotine addiction.

According to a recent study conducted at the University of London, this molecule will effectively promote the breaking of bonds without the knowledge of the smoker. Indeed, this analysis was carried out on about thirty smokers. The first half of them swallowed 800 mg of CBD while the second half consumed a placebo. Next, both groups observed images related to smoking. After that, those who used CBD said they were much less likely to want to smoke again.

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