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CBD at work

CBD at work

With constant media exposure and a growing audience, CBD is no longer taboo. it has never been so controversial. Whether for or against its use, its popularity is undeniable. But the CBD is it really a good idea at work?
While its legality is constantly questioned and gets a little more attention every day, we asked several drivers about their CBD consumption.

Opportunity to question the relationship between the psychological state of the French and their work. At the end of 2020, Opinion Way published a surprising study on the psychological state of the French after their second confinement. How do they combat work-related stress and anxiety and make work their vector of well-being, our riders answer us.

CBD in different professions

Whether they are editors, managers or executives in a consulting firm, the Riders we interviewed have all tried the CBD. For some it is a source of relaxation, for others simply curious, an intriguing novelty.

Beyond mere curiosity, CBD is, for many, a real response to panic and anxiety attacks.

a professional approach to the use of CBD

While some CBD users regularly use it at work, they feel that the limit should not be exceeded. To use the CBD at work as a vector of creativity and letting go maintaining a professional approach is always important. Today, its use has become more democratic and a large part of consumers have never used other substances. In the form ofoil or herbal tea, CBD is ultimately not so different from other soothing substances.

According to some scientists, CBD would act in a way similar to anti-anxiety drugs... but without the unwanted side effects associated with these, and the risk of dependence less. Good or bad alternative? We let you judge for yourself! 

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