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Cannabis is now legal in Thailand.

Cannabis now legal in Thailand, starting today: Thursday, June 9, 2022. But beware, now is not the time to be entertained. Self-cultivated, private and medical cannabis, we immediately learn what is happening today in Thailand, where a real cultural revolution has just taken place. Asia's inevitable legalization is on The Cannabist.

Thailand is the pioneer country in Asia where cannabis can be found anywhere, anytime, at your fingertips and without fear of the police entering your privacy. It is not the right to enjoy peace or the right to euphoria, but the right to health care for lucky citizens, the first country in Asia to pass the ban.

"The main objective of the new law is to encourage amateurs to use marijuana grown in Thailand to relieve certain health problems and promote good health at the household level" Anutin Charnvirakul Bangkok Times

CBD legal in Thailand but under what conditions?

cannabis is now legal in thailand indeed It is legal to grow low THC cannabis (CBD) since June 9, 2022. Possession of cannabis can no longer lead to an arrest by the police. It is indeed a plant that is so dear to us, just removed from the “table 5” of Thai narcotics. To be precise: Cannabis is no longer considered a banned drug in this country. The use of Cannabis is officially authorized in health and medical contexts, and not for so-called recreational reasons.

Those who have ever imagined that Bangkok is the new Amsterdam will not miss it. Smoking in public is still prohibited. The law provides for a fine of €678 or three months in prison for offenders. Indeed, Cannabis smoke, like tobacco smoke, is considered a public health nuisance. It must be inside the walls, the denunciation of overt acts of recreational use is also recommended by the authorities.

“If the police find products containing cannabis oil without authorization or which are not certified by the Food and Drug Administration, the police can seize these products to test them later in a laboratory (…) before filing a complaint against wrongdoers » Thailand Drug Control Authority / Bangkok Post

In terms of self-improvement, this is clearly a large-scale economic and social measure. Without limiting the amount of Cannabis produced by families, the government even encourages trade and local production. It is medical cannabis, but the extracts produced and sold must be limited to 0,2% THC, which is equivalent to hemp.

Despite this change in law, the use of cannabis buds as a cooking ingredient is still prohibited in principle, but this point will be clarified by new legislation planned for this year.

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