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Can a pregnant woman consume CBD?


Can a pregnant woman consume CBD?

This debate rages as much in the scientific community as the question of CBD oil for women on certain diseases, since the measurement of pregnancy is disputed according to the ideologies of some. Scientific research is very thin on this subject. Moreover, there are two contradictory biases. The first tries to advocate CBD as a natural solution for the ailments of pregnant women and the second tends to prohibit its use so as not to endanger the development of the fetus.

It should be noted that studies on the CBD are still in progress and therefore still too low since this molecule has only been studied for a few years. Care must be taken with regard to the different situations of use and to the pathological antecedents. 

cbd oil for women for pregnancy, some scientists believe that cbd should not be consumed, while others believe that the risk is very low and will not harm the health of mother and infant . However, it is recommended that you do not rush on your CBD during the slightest pain or the like when you are pregnant. 

“Can a pregnant woman consume CBD?”

CBD and breast milk 

It is therefore recommended to act with caution and seek advice from your doctor before consuming CBD during the breastfeeding period. A scientific study was carried out on 50 breastfeeding women to measure the levels of CBD and THC found in breast milk. The results speak for themselves: THC is detectable in 63% of the samples, while CBD was not detected in any sample. Although CBD is undetectable in breast milk, scientists emphasize the stimulation of the endocannabinoid 2-AG which plays a fundamental role in newborns.


You can choose CBD oil to consume sublingually, CBD-based cosmetics (cream, gel, shampoo, etc.) or even CBD-based drinks and foods to ingest. If you have time, you can prepare it yourself by infusing CBD flowers into a herbal tea. It's important to choose a form of CBD that gives you relaxing effects and is not stressful for you or the child.

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