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2023: CBD officially authorized in France!

Authorization for the marketing of CBD flowers in France

Cancellation for excess of power 

2023: CBD authorized in France! in this decision of December 29, 2022, repealing the decree of December 30, 2021 which prohibited the sale of all forms of leaves and flowers CBD.

The National Council has adopted the same position as the European Court of Justice in judging that this marketing ban is illegal.

However, a ministerial decree of December 30, 2021 maintains the provision stipulating that in 2023: CBD authorized in France! considering the THC content of 0,3% in the final product.

CBD is not a public health risk so its ban was not justified!

The facts established by a directive on CBD implemented by the Council of State emphasize that CBD is non-psychotropic and, unlike THC, does not cause addiction. If the final product contains less than 0,3% of THC, it is not considered a narcotic.

The ban on marketing CBD hemp flowers and leaves is disproportionate. Indeed, the scope of such a prohibition cannot be justified by risks to public health. Scientific data clearly shows that CBD strains contain less than 0,3% and pose no risk to public health.

Tests to differentiate between CBD and THC flowers.

When the flowers were banned in 2021, the Minister of Solidarity and Health justified that the marketing of CBD flowers could compromise the effectiveness of the fight against narcotics in the field because of its resemblance to THC flowers. 

Outside the State Council revealed that the THC level could be revealed and easily controlled by means of a quick and inexpensive test and this reason does not justify a ban on the marketing of CBD hemp flowers either.

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